NEWSLETTER – May/June 2020

MAY / JUNE 2020


Post Phone n: 201-796-9667

EDITOR: Rudy Willemsen, 973-427-8122

PRINTING: Courtesy of  MASTER BUSINESS FORMS  973-594-8743      

SERVICE OFFICER: Dickson Perez, 973-563-1672C

HOSPITAL VISIT: Nick Magarelli, 201-794-5314

MEETING VIRTUAL NOTICE:  2nd Friday of each month @ 7:30 PM


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At this stressful  time, caused by the corona virus and its’ many restrictions in our daily lives, I wish you all well and ask everyone to do their part in efforts to contain the spread of this virulent event. By decree of our government and the American Legion National and Department of New Jersey, our Harry Coppendyke Post 171 and all American Legion and VFW posts are closed. There will be no regular meetings or party events until this emergency is over. However, I have arranged for us to have a virtual Online meeting at our usual dates and times through “ZOOM.US”. Please send me your email address if you wish to participate. All members are welcome. This is a great chance for all of our members to see each other.                                                         

For God and Country,                                                                                                              

Madeline Morales-Barret         


Longtime member Richard S. Carpenter passed away on April 07, 2020. We extend our deepest sympathy to his family.


1.) Veterans Council: All meetings (CANCELLED till further notice)

2.) Regular meetings: Second Friday each month at 7:30 PM.  (VIRTUAL ONLINE) 

3.) Hospital Party: (CANCELLED) until virus concerns are resolved.

4.) Blood Drive:(CANCELLED)

5.) “Beefsteak Dinner” (TO BE RESHEDULED)


21) Nomination of Officers: Due to our inability to meet and performer the usual nominating duties, we are following the Departments lead. If all the existing officers are willing to remain in their position for the 2020-2021 years and the members agree, the adjutant will cast one vote to finalize their acceptance. Dickson Perez was the only one to indicate his willingness to fill the open slot of Service Officer. This position was open as the previous Service Officer had resigned.

Current Officers Are:

Commander:Madeline Morales Barrett               Chaplain: Lurressa Thomas

1st V. Cmndr: Don Morris                                      Sgt. At Arms: Bob Fatovic

2nd V. Cmndr: Jack Delaney                                Service Officer:  Dickson Perez

3rd  V. Cmndr:Jerry Greenwood                          Historian:    Open

Appointed Officers:

Finance Officer:   Jim Mc Ginn           Adjutant:  Rudy Willemsen

2. NOTE: Our post held it’s first Virtual meeting online on Friday, April 10, 2020 with nine members in attendance. Considering this was our first attempt, everything went fairly well. Everyone could see each other and could participate in the meeting. Our May 08 meeting was also Virtual and all meetings to come will be also, until this Covid-19 problem is solved and restrictions removed.)

3.) HOSPITAL PARTY: No Hospital Parties or visits until further notice, due to coronavirus concerns.


We are quickly approaching our goal of 100%. 130 members having renewed already from our post out of the 152 in total from last year. Please either send in your renewal or renew online ASAP. We are trying to get all membership renewals in since it helps the post financially, and also frees us up to do other things.

If you have questions, please contact our Membership Chairman, Don Morris.(

5,) BOYS STATE & GIRLS STATE:  The “Boys State”and “Girls State” programs have been cancelled for this year but hopefully will be held again next year.s

6.) A FaceBook page has been developed for our post. Look for “American Legion Post 171” on FaceBook and watch it grow. Leave your comments and suggestions.

7.) NOTE: For up to date information on our post and activities, visit our website at  Updated information can be found here before it can be sent out by NEWSLETTER or by other means. Visit the site often. Get familiar with it’s content.



(MAY) To Terri La Cagnina, Richard Capozzi, Helen Metelow, Barbara O’ Byrne, Dave Ryan, Ted Strysko.

(JUNE) Jack Delaney, Gwen Goldenberg, Eileen Kenney, Al La Cagnina, Tom Mabey, Harry Nass, Patricia Rooney, Grace WeisbrodRudy Willemsen,


(MAY) To Jack & Pat Molenaar, Bill & Elaine Burns, Dave & Pamela Break, Jesse & Debbie Rosenzweig.

(JUNE) Richard & Pat Capozzi, Charles & Ginger Latyak ,Yuri & Helen Metelow.

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Rudy Willemsen